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The sync-standby command has optional parameters. IP multicast packets in hardware. You can set routera maximum suppression time to a value from 1 — minutes. Terminal connections will vary, requiring either a DB-9 or DB connector, male or female.

Foundry Switch and Router Installation And Configuration Manual

Make sure that configuding you rename the file on your TFTP server, you give the file a name that conforms to these rules. The route map must already be configured. In each client Confighring You can enter a value from 0 — The VRID configured on this interface. This command will be unsuccessful if you place any commands other than access-list and end at the end only in the file.

Static multicast routes are especially useful when the unicast and multicast topologies configuring routers and switches pdf download a network are different.

This information is not required for system operation but is suggested. One untagged port within each port-based VLAN on FastIron-A connects each separate network wide Layer 2 broadcast domain to the router for Layer 3 confighring between broadcast domains.

Select Additive of you want the Set statement to add the specified community. Repeat the steps above for each interface that is to be a redundant link.

For directly attached neighbors, the router to immediately senses loss of a connection to the neighbor swirches a change to the state of the port or interface that connects the router to its neighbor. Configuring IP Start index: RIP version The version of the protocol that is supported on the Version 2 only interface.

Basic Switch and Router Configuration

Foundry Software Features Feature Supported on You also can access the dialog for saving configuration changes by clicking on Command in the tree view, nad clicking on Save to Flash. Protocol VLANs must always configuring routers and switches pdf download within the boundaries of a port-based domain.

The Foundry switchws of dynamic route refresh supports negotiation of IP version 4 unicasts only. Static ARP table size The maximum number of static entries that can be configured on the device using the current memory allocation.


If you specify deny, the Foundry device will not provide NAT for the addresses. Configuring Basic Features The feature is enabled by default. The 8-slot and slot Chassis devices come with six fans.

BigIron clock set To do so, use one of the following procedures. Each power supply can be connected to a separate AC power source for additional power redundancy. If the slot has never contained configuging module or you are swapping in exactly the same type of module, you do not need to use the module command.

The load sharing state for all the route sources is based on the state of IP load sharing. Optionally enter a tag value against which you want to compare the updates in the Tag List field. Subsequent IP address configuration can be performed using the Web management interface.

Cisco Router Configuration Manual Pdf

Foundry Switch and Router Installation and Configuration Guide Encrypted Display of configuring routers and switches pdf download Authentication String or MD5 Authentication Key The optional 0 1 parameter with the authentication-key and md5-authentication key-id parameters affects encryption.

Optionally enter a weight to be added to routes to this network. Route Health Injection Table IRDP is disabled routerz default. Saving the changes to the startup-config file ensures that the changes are reinstated following a system reload.

The AS number can be from 1 —