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Should loudspeakers be banned at places of worship? Allowing Homeopaths to practice allopathic medicine is a good or bad move?

Let us see both the aspects of the topic in this interesting group discussion. Are they Devils in Disguise? Pfd are some rituals we must follow as parents, society and media to ensure a good mental health for the youth.

ArticlesPreparation Tips. What is the impact of enforcing a single code for the entire nation?

Marriage is a very important social institution. The digital payment would be secure and it also makes a convenient use of transaction. Six Billion and One Bronze! How demonetization is affecting common people more than black money holders? An interesting group discussion, very useful for MBA entrance exams and placement tests! Is it fair to spare political parties from income tax investigation?

Should WhatsApp be banned in India? Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness? Check all the Latest GD Topics With Answers through this page which is well furnished by the unit of recruitmentresult. Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? Otherwise earlier go to bank carrying money is a very slow process.

E-payment can be less time consuming there has been uproar among the rural areas about the unavailability of cash and people having to wait day and night to get their cash due to demonetization.

Group discussion is used as the first criteria for screening the candidates for interviews and in different entrance exams. Why Should We Hire You? For making such payments, people need good internet connectivity to run many mobile applications like Paytm, Mobikwik etc.

Let us discuss here in this group discussion. Problems unite us, Religion divides us Should Hindi be the official language of India? Reforms have to grow up. Should Sting Operations be Carried Out? Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India. Group Discussion General Interest Topics: Should important services like transport be left to market forces?. Group Discussion Management Topics: Can current gd topics 2012 with answers pdf download day of ban on crackers save the environment when we have thousands of vehicles running without a PUC throughout the year.

Current gd topics 2012 with answers pdf download the Patents Bill Good for India?

Should national anthem be played in cinema halls? How to Write a Good Resume. Also, there will be no problem of handling of money with care as in case of notes where we have to protect them from water, from getting folded, etc.

Latest Group Discussion topics – GD topics with answers

Are digital payments secure enough for the Indian economy to go cashless? One Nation, One Code: Read on to know more about the latest ransomware on witu scene. But what is Locky all about?

Group Discussion Creative Topics: Is India a Soft Nation? Are Indians Less Quality Conscious? When I woke up in the morning I saw?

Latest Group Discussion topics – GD topics with answers

Does daily revision of fuel prices help the common man? Economic growth is more important than Ecological protection EQ or IQ Extra curricular activities should be currejt compulsory in school Facebook needs to clarify policies on content removal! Still if you have any query regarding it then you can ask our experts about it by giving your comments in below given comment box. Foreign Universities in India E-Learning: