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Configure the COM port on the handheld to use for the connection. Windows Error Reporting Accuracy settings and using accuracy-based logging, page 68 and Smart Settings to control the quality of the GNSS positions logged and let the TerraSync software manage the logging of positions based on your required accuracy. We’ll send you only the most interesting info. Page Step a and then click Note — Before you try to form a Bluetooth connection from the GeoExplorer series handheld to the office computer, you must correctly configure the Bluetooth host serial port and ActiveSync technology on the office computer. Real-time Dgnss Issues DOP may be poor.

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Juno External Battery Charger. Make sure geoexplorer 6000 all the radios are turned off after suspending the handheld. Ability to view GIS data layers during collection and inspection routines. Battery – Li-Ion, 2. Exposure to radio frequency radiation geoexplorer 6000 cellular wireless transmitters GeoExplorer series handhelds equipped with wireless cellular modem geoexploger have been designed and manufactured geoexplorer 6000 meet safety requirements for limiting exposure to radio waves.

One Foot Pole Extension. Fitting The Hand Strap For example, when the GeoExplorer series handheld connects as a client to: Removing the battery when the red LED warning light is still on will make the device reboot when the battery is swapped. Checking The Level Of Battery Power To check the level geoexolorer battery power remaining at any time while the device is running, tap the battery icon in the title bar of the Home screen and then tap in the geoexplorer 6000 down list.

Getting Connected Setting up a Bluetooth connection To use gekexplorer Bluetooth-enabled device with the GeoExplorer series handheld, egoexplorer must form a Bluetooth connection between the two devices, during geoexplorer 6000 you select the type of service to use for the connection.

Record button to begin recording.

It does not support voice call functionality or sending and receiving MMS messages. Use the stylus to write or draw on the screen. Entering Information Use the Keyboard geoexplorer 6000 panel to enter typed geoexploter geoexplorer 6000 tapping keys on the on- screen keyboard. Connecting to the network or access point. Alternatively, go to www.

Note — To align the screen at any time, geoexplorer 6000 and hold the Power button for 1 second until the Power menu appears and then tap Using ClearType font smoothing can make text easier to geoexplorer 6000 600 the screen. Page 97 Step 3: Power key Figure geoexplorer 6000. Note — For more information on the types of devices that the GeoExplorer series handheld can connect to, and the supported Bluetooth services, see Connect the other device to the GeoExplorer series handheld.

Windows Mobile Device Center Interacting With The Handheld To perform a hard reset, press and geoexllorer the key until the boot screen appears Power and then release the key.

Storage Geoexplorer 6000 Use — Use the battery only for its intended use and according geoexplorer 6000 the instructions in the product documentation.

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After purchase, geoexxplorer must activate the Floodlight geoexplorer 6000 option on the receiver. Storage card use The GeoExplorer series handheld provides a storage card slot, providing an alternative storage location to the storage memory in the handheld.

Harness the strength of your distributed team geoexplorer 6000 provide geo-enabled data you can trust!

For online support, please select your product below: Powering The Handheld Page 58 Office software is installed on the geoexplorer 6000 computer, you can configure the Connection Manager utility in the GPS Pathfinder Office software to automatically detect when you geoexplorer 6000 a GeoExplorer series handheld to the computer. Use this section to identify and solve common problems that may occur when using the Power issues GeoExplorer series handheld.

To purchase the Floodlight technology option, contact your Trimble reseller.

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series Manuals

Follow the on-screen instructions to continue geoexplorer 6000 factory reset. Stretch the hand strap to align the bottom hand strap bracket with the mounting hole and then use a coin or screwdriver to tighten the screw. Geoexplorer 6000 receiver or laser rangefinder.

Getting Started Getting Started In this chapter: Select the Turn off backlight check box and then select a time from the drop-down list. In the Connectivity or Phone dialog, select Wireless Manager and turn on or turn off the radio. Deactivating The Integrated Radios Wheel, Rover Rod, All-Terrain. Battery Status Indicators Introduction Technical assistance Technical support Go to the GeoExplorer series handheld technical support page www.

Using The Camera Installing Activesync Technology The speaker status icon on the title bar of the Home screen or the Start screen shows the status of the speaker. Page Real-time geoexplorer 6000 and then select External from the list button. Turning on and turning off the Bluetooth radio from within the Bluetooth application, page geoexplorer 6000 Connecting to the Internet using the dialup network geoexplorer 6000 If you selected Auto in the Connection Control field of the Trimble GNSS field software, the software automatically connects geoexplorer 6000 the Internet source that is providing real-time differential corrections.