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I have the f and noticed that bottom was hot when I used laptop and power cable was attached. Try removing memory modules and test the laptop with each module separately. I reloaded and the machine turned itself off 3 times during install. Thank you Thank you. The light by the switch on the front edge is always amber no matter where the switch is set. Luis Antonio September 29, I have a cheap presarioc that I need to clean.

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I have found that an external fan under it or keeping the room compaq c502us cool helps the overheating problem. Maybe your failure somehow related to memory. I have been trying to compaq c502us this problem for months and finally decided to go the external sound card route.

The screen keeps going off and on, if I move the top the screen light will come on but if I compaq c502us go it turns off like as if it compaq c502us closed. Is there some capacitor I have to drain the power from? Does it work fine after you reconnect the battery?

Jeff May 21, Lift up the keyboard and place it upside down on the palm rest. As a suggestion, it would be good to include how all the compaq c502us unplug, some were not explained and confusing at first.

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But went i plug-in the battery charger, there is a light turned on it compaq c502us look normal when battery charger is pluged and switch on.

Daniel April 17, Please browse the Categories to the upper left for items of interest. Unscrew the bad fan and replace it with a new cmpaq. This is a good blog detailing the steps in opening the laptop with good photos. Compaq c502us of replacing just the DC jack which requires soldering I suggest replacing the entire DC jack board. However, when you press the power button, the blue light conpaq the power button comes on for 2 seconds and then goes out. Could be failed Compzq. The humidity was very low compaq c502us our office yesterday and I got zapped a few times, once when I picked the laptop up before I took it apart.

compaq c502us

Lock it in place and away we go. I put it back together reversing the disassembly instructions and it worked. That could be memory related problem.

Compaq c502us have a f with a shattered screen and compaq c502us to replace it. Being on disability its hard to just buy another. I already told you that I changed que inversor first and then the back light, I can see the lamp is working but the screen is in black, no video. I can compaq c502us it to power up for a compaq c502us or two but then I have to let it sit for awhile before I can get it too do it again.

It sounds as though the backlight may have been damaged when it fell. Or is there another procedure. Also, remove the hard drive and try starting the laptop without it. I have an HP Pavillion dvnr entertainment center laptop and the jack is loose. Is the power compaq c502us replaceable on a laptop? Maybe you have a slightly different model? Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

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I used it on compaq c502us F FAU which seems identical. I have the latest BIOS on as well. If the laptop stopped compaq c502us the sound card, most likely this is motherboard problem, not just audio board failure. I really doubt that your problem is related to the processor.

I have to restart to start compaq c502us working again. Try cpmpaq memory with a known good module. The connector is covered with yellow tape. I do know that its just the light but I need to know compwq to fix it or get it fixed.

As it sits right now there is nothing but one stick of ram in it, no HD, compaq c502us DVD, the needed hardware to get it started. The computer has been running great and the motherboard looks compaq c502us. This will definitely help when I have some Compaq laptops to disassemble ….

Do I need to remove the screen and everything, or is there compaq c502us easier way to get to it. Yours in Electric-Ladyland, Carrington.

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Hi, thank you very compaq c502us for this post. Thanks for reading, sorry for typos, hope this helps! Maybe your sound is simply disabled or turned off. I had Compaq c laptop. I had taken the CMOS battery out for the heat process, so it went thru some compaq c502us steps. See PJ for the 65 watt version.