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CAUTION Resetting the transfer life count without replacing the transfer kit can cause print quality problems and may damage the printer. Problem Cause and Solution The multi-bin mailbox will Verify that the power cord is firmly plugged into both the not power on multi-bin mailbox and the power receptacle. Selecting Media Common Printing Tasks Selecting Media Many types of paper and other print media can be used with the printer, within certain specifications. Menu Accesses the printer control panel menus to set the printer defaults. World Wide Web All in One Printer Size:

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HP Toner, HP Supplies and HP Parts

Tray 1 Assembly HP LaserJetn, tn, dtn printers 6, page cartridge 10, page cartridge. Recommendations For Minimizing Ozone Exposure Page Problem Cause and Solution Media does not feed from The media type selected from the application has not tray 2 or 3 been configured for the input tray.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Figure 11 Load letter and A4 paper with the front side up hp color laserjet 8550gn the top, short edge toward the rear of the tray for double-sided printing. Also, use hp color laserjet 8550gn printer control panel to access printer features not supported by your application.

Printer Control Panel and Configuration Problems Problem Cause and Solution Printer control panel The printer control panel display appears blank or is not settings work incorrectly lit even when the fan is running. Page Reprint the color adjust page.

Resolving the 50.3 Fuser Error in the HP P4015, P4015, and P4515

This key permits both forward and backward movement through the available items. Locking the Printer Control Panel You can prevent users from changing the hp color laserjet 8550gn control panel settings by establishing a password, thus enabling the printer control panel lock. Page Problem Cause and Solution Repetitive defects, Repeating spots or specks of the same size and shape continued appear on almost all pages in the same area of the page.

The Manual mode allows you to adjust the color settings for text, graphics, and photographs separately by manipulating the available collr. Use Index number 7 for a listing of the material safety data sheets.

Use the hand wipe to remove the spot or speck from the transfer hp color laserjet 8550gn. HP products may contain remanufactured parts equivalent to new in performance or may have been subject to incidental use. Printing Menu Maps Print menu maps from the printer control panel, and then use the menu maps to view printer settings and to help navigate the printer hp color laserjet 8550gn panel menus.

Printing Envelopes from Tray 1 Load up to ten envelopes in tray 1. Envelopes Envelopes can only be printed from tray 1. Incorrect Printer Output Problem Cause and Solution Incorrect fonts on the The font has not been correctly selected in your printout application.


Removing The Controller Board From the software or printer driver, select the hp color laserjet 8550gn type and size of paper. For more information on selecting fonts, see the online help for your application. Operation is subject to the following two Conditions: Press down on the large green lever on the left side to lock it into place. Problem Cause and Solution The printer is on, but not If you are using AppleTalk, verify that the AppleTalk receiving data Data light name matches the name on the configuration page.

Because media sizes other than letter or A4 are fed into the printer short edge first, the orientations of print quality problems are the opposite of those hp color laserjet 8550gn letter or A4-sized media.

If customer schedules or delays HP installation more than 30 days after delivery, warranty begins on the 31st day from delivery. Page Problem Cause and Solution Dull or dark colors on Verify that the printer is operating in an environment transparencies, consistent with the specifications listed appendix B. Cleaning the Post Charger Clean the post charger on the transfer drum if there are light streaks in halftone areas. Upgrading The Hp color laserjet 8550gn Hungary 36 1 India 91 11 91 11 Indonesia hp color laserjet 8550gn 21 Korea 82 2 Korea outside Seoul 82 Japan 81 3 Malaysia 60 3 Mexico Mexico City 01 Mexico outside MexicoCity 01 New Zealand 64 9 The printer control panel display appears blank or is not lit, even when the fan is running.

Fusing And Delivery Unit Using Color The color features of the driver are available on the properties page.

Media Jam Locations The hp color laserjet 8550gn figure shows the locations of media jams in colog printer paper path. To clean the transfer charger 1 Open the front door. Selecting The Default Printer Personality If the message still appears on the printer, check all colpr of the printer for jammed media hp color laserjet 8550gn the printer is unable to determine the location of the Parts And Supplies HP LaserJet printers page cartridge.

The repeating defects will generally be dark gray or black.

Media is still in the paper path after removing the previous media jam. Operating Environmental Specifications To subscribe to this quarterly service in the U.

HP 8550 – Color LaserJet Laser Printer User Manual

You must have a 2, sheet input tray tray 4 installed in the printer in lasrrjet to install a multi-bin mailbox. A staple jam occurred. HP 27XCX. Printing Internal Pages Printing Internal Pages Print a configuration page to verify that the printer is set up correctly or to verify information about the hp color laserjet 8550gn configuration.

Cleaning The Transfer Charger Problem Cause and Solution The printer is on, lasrejet not The interface cable is not securely connected to both receiving data Data hp color laserjet 8550gn the printer and the computer. HP Color LaserJetn.

Connecting To A Localtalk Network Load letterhead with the top toward the rear of the input tray. How soon will this item ship? Identification model And Serial Numbers