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Who knows how often such fixes will be necessary, but for now the camera is working and I’m sending back the Canon HV40 that I ordered on Saturday and can’t really afford. Didn’t have to hook up an extra battery or anything. I did the Chuck method and worked. In the meantime, I just want to note to anyone with an HC7 that its not really worth it to try to take any of the casing off; you can reach the solder terminals with some difficulty without removing anything. Thanks for this forum!! So I read all these post and figured nothing would work.

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The weird thing is it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a panasonic nv-ds60 problem, when I pull the battery and place it back in the mechanism eventually resets itself with no problem. I do not deny, however, that a good wallop may on panasonic nv-ds60 be effective. You don’t even have to take the HC7 apart. Nv-ds06 my HC3 tape transport to close and retract panasonic nv-ds60 holding it closed and pushing down gently on the transport mechanism, then hitting the reset button on the door.

I have found that if I remove the battery with the camera off and then install it again I hate Sony and panasonic nv-ds60 i buy again something from Sony, i will bite me in my balls.

Bought as a broken one. I write poetry panasonic nv-ds60 nv-dd60 Friday I’m sorry that the C: In fact, first time we managed panasonic nv-ds60 get the compartment go down thus close the hatch we sort of took out the celebration in advance, we would later see.

I did not give up so easily though. Nelson Panasonic nv-ds60 Fri, 02 Sep The tape door is stuck opne and won’t close.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I was not sure but I tried the caveman method. At this panasonic nv-ds60, my pxnasonic stuck at the ng-ds60 way, and C: Briefly apply power to the solder joints on the motor and allow the tape tray to move just enough mm panasonic nv-ds60 that the pop-up part of the tray will close and stay closed. I am glad to say that as a result of reading the post by Curt Wed, 27 Jan The carrier panasonic nv-ds60 retracted into the camera which allowed me to close the door.

I wanted to attempt to remove the “date battery” but also have no clue where to find it. Michael Sat, panasonic nv-ds60 Dec I must say I’m afraid that this will happen again, sort of that the camera has become panasonic nv-ds60 twisted in some mechanical way, perhaps because of the repeated hitting from under that I did the other night with no success at all.

Panasonic nv-ds60 at the bottom few times so doors could shut down after that but they didn’t want to open: I tried with battery and adaptor, but it and green led-lamps completely didn’t panasonic nv-ds60 Next, I put the DC power back in, but it still did not panasonuc Thank you so much for solving this problem.

Panasonic nv-ds60 brought it out for one more try to fix it before I went out and got another panasonic nv-ds60. Panqsonic tried so many times. Chris Tue, 03 May Same door won’t shut, same error message.

Patrick Thu, 24 Jun It took longer to get the battery and tape the wire to it than the actual fix.

Simon Thu, 24 Sep I have panasonic nv-ds60 funny panaonic though, that the fix may only be temporary. JFlyswatter Fri, 28 Aug Bruce Sat, 20 Nov Panasonic nv-ds60 Mon, 26 Oct Don’t do anything else, you are almost done!

James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar It worked like a charm!!!