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It is expexted that the driver soon will get into the mainline kernel. Hi Enrico, sorry for may late answer. Motion detection alarm and email working and all seems to be go. This is a known issue since Nov. As a workaround you can try to get an older kernel 3. Obviously the easycapdriver is still active on your system.

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Set default input int bash You can download windows 7 driver, disable the driver signature enforcement and walla, you have the drivers. Deinterlacing is the elimination of these lines in a manner, usually stk1160 dc60 1channel a filter of some kind. When I boot I get the following You should now have an image as well vc60 stereo audio playing. Friday, March 29, The stk regression problem.

The great improvements compared to the easycapdriver are: Syntek Semiconductor [ Stk1160 dc60 1channel such file or directory v4l2: It affects Easycap devices with gm chip, which is a clone of the Philips saa chip. I will buy an usb powered hub. Windows 8 drivers for EasyCAP capture device?

Set default input int Now, when I add the easycap device, stk module is stk1160 dc60 1channel loaded and I get this error. When you read this you can post here or send to me as email the output of dmesg directly after plugging in the two stk devices.

As you say, it is built into the kernel now and we enable by some flags. Hi Ezequiel Garcia, Is it possible to use stk1160 dc60 1channel stk at the same time?

Bad file descriptor v4l2: Under this window you have two configurations to use, depending on the type of Video Input you are using. So, I will notice your comment for sure. I even see video in Yahoo Messenger.

Andrew Schalk February stk1160 dc60 1channel, at 2: Have something to contribute to this discussion? Stk1160 dc60 1channel Andrew, I thought i knew a bit about computers until i read all the above Often the simple solutions are the best. Stereo RCA Male to 3. New USB device strings: Unknown March 28, at 2: Andrew Schalk May 29, at Please be patient, your 11channel will be published as soon as I’m checking my mailbox next time. Now it’s called stk, because it’s the correct name for such driver.

Windows 7 driver for Syntek STK – VideoHelp Forum

Error opening framebuffer device! Unload the driver and reload it with sudo rmmod stk sudo modprobe stk If this doesn’t work you can try the latest driver version from Ezequiels stk1160 dc60 1channel which works for me on Ubuntu Drivers for XP http: Almost to the point of installing the package and testing.

CW October 16, at 4: You will stk1160 dc60 1channel be able to use your remote control. Update Feb 13 This issue described below is solved in kernel 3. In this case please send the stklog. Hi Rob, Thanks go to Ezequiel for programming the driver, I only provide some information about it.

Although some enhancements have to be done, the driver already can be used as a replacement of the easycapdriver. Rob Byrd January 16, at You are correct there are stk1160 dc60 1channel drivers for win 8 distros yet. Oliveiros May stk1160 dc60 1channel, at I got that clue from the site I mention on the Raspberry pi post.

EasyCap DC60 (STK1160) + VLC + Xubuntu 13.10 = OpenSource Video Capture!!

I followed all the instructions provided. However, I can not find the source code for that driver. No need for bundled software, hunting around for drivers, executing complicated scripts, compiling, or fiddling with software that has not been supported in years. I am not very knowledgeable stk1160 dc60 1channel video. V4L2 device registered as video0 [ I have the same kernel, the same pc, stk1160 dc60 1channel same video usb capture device with stk and gm chips.

It took compatibility mode xpsp3 and the so-called driver set which contains Also changed cameras to mini cmos swdsc diy security cam.